Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Where to keep all those pens

Hi, It’s Maria here again. Thank you for all the lovely comments on my cube project. The cube is now strategically placed on Graham’s bedside table. It’s ready for the next time he keeps me awake snoring all night ……….. Hee hee!!!
Anyhoo, I’m back today wearing my thrifty but nifty hat. I think the biggest bugbear for most scrappers is storage. If you’re anything like me stash that is hidden away is forgotten about. I much prefer to store things so that I can see what I’ve got at a glance. But, it costs pennies. Pennies that could be better spent on pretties.
But, there is a way to save those pennies. Some of the jams and sauces come in the prettiest jars and it always seems a shame to just throw them away. So don’t!!! Recycle them into storage jars for your pens, buttons etc ……
I usually just pop a nice ribbon around the neck and leave it at that. If I’m keeping the lid a coat of paint hides the true identity of the jar. But, I also like to paint the insides of jars and old glasses with leftover paint or tester pots. It’s easy peasy and strangely relaxing.
Simply pour a small amount of paint in your jar or glass. Then, holding it horizontally slowly turn it and allow the paint to cover the inside. Keep turning until the inside is completely covered and then pour any remaining paint into another jar or back in the paint pot.
The glass in the photo is one of a set we no longer use and I may paint all of them and pop them on a shelf in the kitchen. They look pretty with a simple flower in each I did try tealights but you can't see them through the paint.
I’ve also used unpainted glass jars around the garden with tealights when we’ve had a bit of a soiree in the summer. They look so pretty with their twinkling light and they draw the eye from the more unattractive parts of the garden.
Don’t make the mistake I did one year of lining the garden path with them. Every guest thought they were being original asking when the plane would be landing …… Ho hum!!!
Oh, and if you’re worried about scratching the paint you could always pop a small plastic cup inside to protect it. And always leave them to dry for a couple of days.
I hope that you like my jars and I’d love to see any that you make.
Toodle pip
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Just to say that I only use the plain unpainted jars with the tealights and please be careful when using any candles or naked flames.


Karen said...

What a pretty collection, beautifully presented too. I love the idea of painting the inside.

joanna said...

Lovely idea, Maria - looks super :)

Diana said...

Me too - love the idea of how to paint the inside - you are clever...
Another Great post from you.

joy said...

oooh love the tealight idea :0)

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for painting inside... I have an empty smash tin I want to decorate but wondered about inside.. will try that with the paint - thanks!

Katie squirrel x

Trish said...

lovely again maria, I have old pasta jars with most of my ribbons in :) xxx

Steph said...

Great idea, Maria :) I love the ribbon tied round the jars, makes things look very cute!