Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tooth Fairy Quilted Wall Hanging

Hello all, I hope you are enjoying our articles and posts on IACW, I know we are all enjoying doing them for you. I got the inspiration for this hanging from Somerset Studio November/December 2006 (volume10 Issue6) the article was ATC Pocket Quilts. As soon as I looked at it, it gave me the idea of a tooth fairy hanging for my daughter; with a little pocket perfect for her tooth and the pennies the tooth fairy leaves. I followed the same principle as the ATC Quilt but made it larger and just played with fabric, lace, sequins and beads until I was happy. I have also made a birth sampler for a friend using the same idea. You will need - off cuts of fabric, wadding, net/tulle, fabric stiffener, lace, linen (I used 28 count), ink pad and alphabet stamps, beads and any other bits and bobs you may have lying around in your stash. I used 2 layers of fabric with wadding, netting and fabric stiffener in between, pinned it all together, then added the lace and stamped linen. When I was happy with the placements I used my sewing machine to stitch through all the layers to give it a quilted look, added the safety pin with the beads and its perfect for the little fairy in your life. Enjoy playing, Trish xxx This weeks sponsor is the lovely Ness has offered a £25 voucher to the winner, so don’t forget to leave a comment this weekend to be in with a chance of winning.

Friday, June 22, 2007

An Interview With...

Ngaire Bartlam. Ngaire is an Aussie scrapbook artist whose work has featured in several publications, including the fab Australian magazine ‘Scrapbooking Memories’. She has written two books, Lumpy Bumpy and It's All About You, writes a wonderfully funny and inspirational blog, has taught at retreats in both Australia and New Zealand, and has very kindly agreed to be our first interviewee for our ‘Interview With…’ feature. Here’s what we discovered! IACW: Ngaire, did you have a particularly ‘crafty’ childhood, and what is your earliest crafty memory? * My mum was very crafty - she did any of the crafts you could name that were big in the 70's: tapestry, knitting, crochet, brass rubbing, enamel work, creating pictures with wool, (no I am not kidding), flower arranging and macramé. Consequently, I tried my hand at most of these too. To this day I am the world's WORST knitter, sadly, as I have a peculiar fascination with scarves. My earliest "scrapping" type memory is when I was awarded the "best project book" in my year eight Mothercraft class. LOL I really wish I still had that project book. IACW: How did you discover scrapbooking, and how long have you been scrapping? * I discovered scrapping at a Creative Memories party I hosted at home as a favour for a friend. That was in February 1999. I haven’t stopped since, (although I did quickly get beyond the two triangle thing!) IACW: What crafts do you currently enjoy besides scrapbooking? * Oooh, I would enjoy SO many more if indeed I was: a) not the procrastinator I am; b) not knitting debilitated as I mentioned before; c) independently wealthy. I guess my current fascination is felt, and felting, and making stuff with felt, like little bags that have no real purpose. Did I mention felt? IACW: You have a beautifully eclectic style, and, looking at your layouts, enjoy mixing paper, fabric, metal, every day objects – how would you define your style, and how did it evolve? * Thanks! Eclectic junk gypsy would be my personal description. I do love "stuff" - anything pretty or fabulous or funky that isn’t capable of moving from my grasp is considered for a project. Where did it start? When my dear friend, and next door neighbour, Terese, dared me to use cable ties in a layout. I did, and it all kinda went like Topsy from there. IACW: From where do you draw your inspiration, and do you have any unusual sources of inspiration? * It would be easier to talk about where I didn’t get inspiration from. My mind buzzes from the moment I wake ‘til I go to sleep - and sometimes after that! LOL I adore beautiful home decoration magazines: the colour combos, the textures, the lushness, the photography. My favourite mag is Vogue Living (Aussie edition). I am really into the Bollywood look, again the over-the-top colour combos, the bling. I also love tattoos - the art, and designs. Um, let’s see second hand stores and recycled materials are also great fun to work with. I am also really into advertising, in all media, and also what my fellow artists are creating :) IACW: Have you had any scrapbook/craft disasters, and, if so, are you prepared to share the details with us?!! * Sure!! LOL! I am one of those terrible people who laugh at people tripping over, (SO nasty, and I don’t MEAN IT TO BE, but it just kills me – terrible - so it would be very hypocritical if I wasn’t also prepared to laugh at myself…as you all now can, and feel free to point and laugh in my general direction! I have on separate occasions: * drilled into my wooden desk with my handy dandy hand drill. More than once… * melted various things that were not meant to be melted, e.g. plastic slideholders, my self healing mat, (which apparently is not always self healing), plastic sheets of rub-ons, ink pads, my skin. * any knitting project i have EVER begun has been a complete disaster…I have a serious tension problem… * have picked up the girls from school with paint smeared on my butt and my face, though this was more a disaster for them than for me :) * I do like to try and turn disasters of an artistic sort into a positive...I never restart a layout, but always follow through to the end... IACW: What tools/products/embellishments are you using most at the moment? Is there a line of papers you’re particularly fond of? What’s currently at the top of your ‘wanted’ list? * using most: felt, Fiskars circle punches and scallop scissors, Tarisota kits - I am a designer, and LOVE them - Collections embellishments especially the little houses, birds - I am SO far behind when it comes to trends like birds, but I love them now - and I adore rub-ons... * favourite lines: 7gypsies, Basic Grey, Collections, Prima Marketing flowers etc, Autumn Leaves stamps, and I am looking forward to seeing the new Love, Elsie range. IACW: You have a fantastic blog, oozing with inspiration, and with some great links to other bloggers; how regularly do you blog, and how do you decide what you’re going to write about? * Thank you! You are very kind. I try to write at least twice a week, but some days I will find three or more things I simply must share. LOL I do bookmark a lot of stuff, and I have sweeties who send me things I might like to share too J I write about things that make me laugh, or stop and think, or anger me, or please me, or things that just wow me . I want my blog to be a place where you never know what you might find…but it will always be worth the click :) IACW: Tell us about the books you’ve written – do you enjoy writing and creating for publication? * If you had said to me even 5 years ago that I would be the author of two books – ‘Lumpy Bumpy’ and ‘It's All About You’ - I would have laughed like a mad woman. I still find it hard to believe I did it - twice!! LOL Writing books is very hard work; I found it all-consuming actually. I worked very hard for four months straight on each of them, and found it hard to stop thinking about them while I was writing/creating. I did enjoy it - I love a creative challenge, but it is very hard work. IACW: Who are YOUR craft/scrapbook heroes/heroines? * Oooh, I have so many, many of whom I am also lucky enough to count as friends. In no particular order: Loretta Grayson, Kerrin Quall, Rhonna Farrer, Elsie Flannigan, Maxine Hazebroek, Cathy Zielske, Emily Falconbridge, Celine Navarro, Gigi Kennedy, Jen Hall, Lusi Austin, Michelle Grant, Teesha Moore, Viv Bonder, Zina Wright. I could rabbit on and on. There are SOOOO many talented women in the scrapping world – don’t you agree? (links on Ngaire’s blog to all of these fabulous artists!) IACW: On average, how much time do you spend scrapping/crafting in a typical week? * About half as much time as I spend procrastinating about what i could be creating…LOL…I guess about 15 hours?? IACW: Are you working on a particular project right now? Can you share any details with us?! * I am just about to start working on July projects for Tarisota Collections and a limited edition kit as well. I am also creating classes for a local store here in Brisbane, (a layout and a mini album in a little felt bag), as well as travelling around Queensland in the next few months to teach at several retreats. I also have a pet project of sorts as an ongoing thing, with the new blog created to encourage women to see the beauty in themselves, and to embrace that beauty, with a long-term goal to encourage the next generation of women, our daughters, to embrace the beauty in themselves. I would LOVE to see some contributions from your side of the world!!
IACW: And now for a bit of fluff!! What’s your favourite perfume? * My current favourite is Insolence by Guerlain. IACW: Who is your favourite artist? Have you ever worked a particular artist’s style into YOUR work? * Too hard to pick – really - too hard. But yes, I do pinch ideas from everywhere!!!! IACW: What music do you enjoy listening to? What was the last concert you went to? * LOVE music. OK, let’s see. Kylie, Bollywood-style music, Kiss, world music, Mika, Missy Higgins, anything bad from the 1980's, disco, motown, David Bowie, KD Lang, Amy Winehouse, Pink, Justin Timberlake, Blink 182, Andy Gibb, Gwen Stefani, Dido, Scissor Sisters - and Robbie Williams, who was the last in concert date I had :) IACW: What was the last book you read? * I am re-reading Harry Potter six in preparation for HP7 - the final frontier! (Snape is good!!!!!!) IACW: What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Who’s your big screen heart-throb?! *Bond - Casino Royale - LOVED it, and LOVED the opening credits. Big screen heart-throb? I do love a bit of Brad, and George, but my fave would have to be John Hannah, his accent? YUMMY! IACW: You’re out to dinner at a restaurant where nothing is off the menu; what would be your dishes of choice (starter, main, dessert), and what would you be drinking? * OOOOOOOOH – LOL - my dream came true!! Starter: Oysters - natural and Kilpatrick - 2 or 3 dozen – mmmmmmmmmmmm J Main: SO hard, but it comes down to either the BBQ'd fresh-caught Barramundi I had as a kid, with salads, fresh, beautiful salads of every kind, OR the perfect pork roast with all the roast veggies you could name - I adore veggies, all sorts. But seriously, I LOVE food, so I could just go on and on here. Dessert: I am, funnily enough, NOT a big dessert girl, so I would go with a fabulous cheese and fruit platter. To drink - fine champagne. I am NOT a wine snob, and I will drink almost any wine LOL but I HAVE to say that I think I could almost replace water with a good champagne. It really is nectar of the gods!! IACW: Tell us a joke!! * Me knitting. LOL No really. OK, here we go… What's brown and smells funny? Clown poo!! (I should also add, I told my daughter this joke, and she then shared it with her grade three class for show and share. Did NOT go over well - Mother of the Year, here I come... :) IACW: Describe yourself in three words… * Older, Wiser, Happier.
Huge thanks to Ngai for taking the time and trouble to answer our questions, and for providing such an entertaining read! Do come and see us over the weekend when we will be announcing another FAB giveaway :) Jo xx

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Get Well Soon...

We all know someone who is feeling under the weather so why not send a hand made card to brighten their day.
This is another simple card that is easy to make.
1) Cut the patterned paper to fit your cardstock, adhere using double sided tape and draw a black line using a fine pen around the edge.
2) Cut three pieces of ric rac and attach these to your card.
3) Cut a square of white card, draw around the edge and attach a flower or other embellishment, attach to your card using foam pads.
4) Use alphabet stamps to create the sentiment, cut out each word and ink around the edges, glue to your card.
5) Finally ink around the edges of the card.
(paper - shabby princess, rubber stamps - PSX, ink - stazon and chalk ink)
Within half an hour your get well soon card can be in the post sending your love healing thoughts to an ill friend or relative.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Knitting is the new black.....

don't you know!! Well it is and here at it's a creative world we are going on a new adventure and let me warn you now, it's addictive so take care ;) I first started knitting as a child, taught by my mom, aunt and darling gram. It seemed they were always making something, from jumpers, to blankets, hats and scarfs. My aunt even knitted us tank tops (aarrgghh the 80's, lol) using the most scrumptious cotton in beautiful candy colours! My gram was most inspired my Kaffe Fassett and I have to say his use of colours is just awesome! My project today is this gorgeous little coco bag from the Felted Handbag Workshop blog, and is so easy to make. The best bit is, it's a felted bag so if you are still learning this little gem will hide any mistakes and uneven tension!

Now to get you started, here are a few great sites that give you the knitting basics, how to hold the needles, cast on, knit, purl, pick up stitches and bind off.....

Learn to knit, is the one of the best sites I found to 'teach' me when I picked up my knitting needles after far too many years. Once you have got the knack take a look at Learn 2 Knit for instructions on picking up stitches as you will need to do this for the little coco bag! And in case you are left handed visit Learn-to-Knit for left handed knitting instructions. I love that all these sites have the same name, only written differently!

I used big fat 8mm circular needles and cascade 220 yarn that I bought from Get Knitted, their service is superb, they have a good range of colours and are extremely helpful if you call up!

Now the only 'issue' with the cascade yarn is that it comes in hanks, which is NOT a ball and therefore not exactly easy to knit with. Here you have two options, you can either roll it into a ball, and please get someone to help you or else you'll get into a right muddle and big knot! Or you can knit with it as is, which is what I do, again this isn't easy but possible. I hang my hanks (heehee) over the back of the couch, unwinding just enough to use for a few rows at a time, this way you won't get knots :)

FYI- for the body of my bag I used cascade 220 tweed shade 7634 and for the handles and edges I used cascade 220 shade 8910.

If you have any problems reading the pattern, selecting yarn or finding needles please email me at with HELP PLEASE CAZ, lol, as your subject or leave me a message in the comments and i'll do my best to help!

Thanks for looking!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Run out of photo frames?

Hi, it's Maria here and it's so nice to see everyone enjoying our little piece of cyberland.
Today I am going to share my little tip for displaying those all important photos without spending a fortune.
I love having lots of piccies around the house but I will admit to having a few that only see daylight when certain visitors are expected. I also run out of frames that are just the right size for that picture I must have out. With this in mind I always have a stash of cheapie plate holders. You can pick them up in Homebase for a couple of pound and they fold flat when you're not using them.
I have included a photo of a *naked* one and one with a 8"x 8" layout. They go with any of your frames and look fab when arranged in a group on a shelf or coffee table. I did have a photo of them on display but it is on the girlies' pc and Graham packed it away to start decorating ........ Men!!!
Anyhoo, I hope that this rather rushed piccie gives you an idea and that you found my little tip useful.
Pip pip
A huge congRAtulations to Rachel Millington who has won herself a kit from the fab Scrapagogo!!
All you need to do Rachel is email us at and we will pass your details over to the gogo girls!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Buttons, Beads, Brads, Bows and Blooms

Woo Hoo! It’s my turn to play again – welcome to you all from Di. Thank you for your wonderful comments on my post “Recycle Your Chipboard Letters”. Today I am on the same inspirational theme of “Use Your Stash”, and still keeping it simple by creating a whole new alphabet using that huge supply of buttons, beads, brads, bows and blooms. OK, maybe you are now not passionate about these things but bet you have loads of them!
Today I’ll share with you the tools and supplies you will need, some hints,and some ideas on what to do with them!!!
Thanks for reading and remember to “Use Your Stash”. Bye till next time Di XXX
A really simple ABC wall hanging using "buttons and bows" letters, chipboard and fabric.
When I started to create this wall hanging, I had no one in mind to give it to, so created it for this post. I struggled a bit (OK, a lot!) thinking:
“this is too simple”;
“this is too “twee”;
“this is not what they want to see”.
Funny thing, as it progressed I began to really have fun and to enjoy. It brought out the child in me and I so enjoyed working with all the "little bits". I have decided to hang this in my new studio to remind me of the child within me and that creating is not always easy.
I covered a piece of chipboard 20 by 16 inches, with Rami linen and stuck it down using podge. I cut and inked 26 pieces of cardstock, each 3 by 2 inches. (OK I confess, actually used about 29 because I messed up 3!!) I then just had fun using that stash! I again used podge to stick the letters to the linen covered chipboard. (You could use an old tray, heavy cardboard, an old canvas, or whatever you have) This could be made as a gift for a small child or for school!
If you are not keen to “Recycle your Chipboard Letters”, you could make this from that HUGE supply of odd chipboard letters, rub-ons and die-cuts!
Caz has made this stunning A to Z mini album for her Darling Handsome Husband (DHH)...
You could make this for mum, dad, grandma, grandad, partner or a friend.
Ok now I can now hear you all laughing and I bet you can imagine me blushing!!! This is one of my VERY early layouts when I was experimenting with everything in sight!!! My little sister's nickname as a child was "Buttons and Bows"... Oops, almost forgot... yes I am a scribbler so here are my original scribblings for this post and perhaps more ideas for you: And finally: Tools you will need: cutting mat, scissors, paper trimmer (or craft knife and ruler), glue, needle and thread (if you are brave enough to stitch the buttons and ribbons), paper piercer and pad (if you are using brads) and wet wipes (to clean that messy glue from your fingers and tools).
Supplies you will need: Scraps of cardstock, buttons, beads, brads, flowers and scraps of ribbon.
Hints: If you are gluing the buttons and ribbon, keep your hands free of glue. If you have ‘fat fingers” like me, use tweezers and keep them free of glue too. (I am sooo messy and forever wash my hands!). I used Tombo Mono liquid glue which has the teeny applicator just right for those tiny buttons, and also found that a toothpick was handy if I needed to spread the glue. Think about how it will be displayed. I chose to attatch a hook to the back, but you could hang it up using more of that ribbon...
I do hope you have enjoyed reading. “It’s a Creative World” would love to see what you make using this idea.
Your comments have been so encouraging; not least the ones that are assisting us to improve the experience you have when visiting “It’s a Creative World”. Thank you all.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Matching Bazzill Cardstock

Do you always buy loads of patterned paper and then realise that you don't have any cardstock to match it? Do you try to match it by holding it up to the computer screen but then find it doesn't really go when you receive it? Well, i've trawled the internet for the last few days and put together what i believe is THE most definitive list there is. As it is 16 pages long it's too big to post here so i've put it here as a down loadable file. You can then download it and print it off and keep it with your patterned papers. If you have a problem downloading it then please email at and I will be happy to email it to you :) Download here! Enjoy! Cath x Amongst others, credits to -
And don't forget! Leave a comment for us on yesterday's or today's posts for the chance to be entered into a draw to win a *fantastic* kit from the fabulous ScrapaGoGo!!