Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Cheap but chic pressie idea

Hi, it's Maria here again following on from yet another fabbie post from the lovely Di. Now you all know what a mucky pup I am needing a cloth to clean my paw prints off my piccies ....... Hee hee!!!
Anyhoo, today I have another thrifty but nifty idea for end of year pressies. This one is handy for when the class does a collection for the staff but your little one still wants to hand over a little something. Or, it's super handy for when there's just too much month left at the end of the money. With any luck you lovely crafters and hoarders won't even have to leave the house to make up this little gem. Simply stack 6 candles and tie them with some ribbon. You can add a pretty tag and some flowers if you fancy but this one is for a friend who prefers the clean and simple style. I prefer to use church candles but you can use any that take your fancy and suit your budget. You can pick up a big box of candles at Ikea for a couple of pound. I've also used this idea to pad out advent or birthday swap pressies. You know what it's like when you have a set budget but just want to add something extra. You can also use them as place settings for your candle loving dinner guests to take home. Yet another simple idea from a simple gal but I hope that you liked it. Toodle pip


Alexandra McNicol said...

It looks so elegant! How lovely

Anonymous said...

Great idea simple and thrifyt!!!

Taniwha said...

Lovely and simple and classy, I will file that idea away for Xmas pressies! Thank you :)