Thursday, July 26, 2007

Very quick cards - playing with fonts!

Hello! It's Jo here, coming to you from a very wet part of the world, just about managing to keep my feet dry! I am not the world's best card maker, I'll freely admit, but I do like to make cards for special occasions, and I certainly appreciate getting home-made cards. If I'm making cards, it's usually at the last minute, which means that anything that can be produced quickly is good! Here are three very quick cards that I've made, all a variation on the same theme, which is using a mix of fonts to produce a more interesting end result. For this first one, I've used some bright, stripy paper for my background, and matched the 'fill' colours in my text boxes to the colours in the paper. I've used a different font for each word, and printed the text on glossy photo paper, which just lifts it a little bit. From the top, the fonts I've used are: Rockwell Extra Bold, 2Peas Duck Duck Goose, Bauhaus 93, Action Is, and Mom's Typewriter. just-a-note-card-ps For this next one, again I've used scrapbook paper (Blonde Moments) for the background, but this time used only muted colours. From the top, the fonts are: LB PlainStamp, 28 Days Later, and CK Grunge. get-well-soon-card-ps And for my third card I wanted to go bright and zingy again, and I've used some more stripy paper, and a font that, ordinarily, I would avoid like the plague as I think it's so widely used in 'professional' documentation, Times New Roman, but when it's 'rainbowed up', I really like it!! congratulations-card-ps So, three really quick cards. Have a play around with your fonts, and next time you're card-making, try a little experimentation!


Paula said...

Oh Jo they are lovely!

Karen said...

Some great ideas - love the rainbow one especially. :)

Anonymous said...

These ae great - simple but effective!