Monday, June 25, 2007

It’s all in the shape…

Hi it’s Di here again. OK you guessed, its Monday, so its time to “Use Your Stash” . Today we’ll be using those off-cuts, small pieces of cardstock and patterned paper that you love. I had such fun playing with a "box" shape, then pushed it into a "point", then made nother 5, then joined them all together to create a six pointed star. Its easy peasy, quick to make (welll maybe - depends how long it takes you to decorate LOL), and you get to "Use your Stash"
As usual I’ll share with you the tools and supplies you will need, some hints and some ideas on things to create.

By the way, as you can see I have been experimenting with a few different techniques for showing images - reason being I have been playing and learning. LOL. Please let me know if they work for you or if you would rather see individual images. Thanks for reading and remember to “Use Your Stash”. Bye till next time Di XX

Let’s get started with the nitty gritty: Making the 6 pointed star:
(Yes! I have been scribbling again but today have combined my scribbles with MS word to make it easier for you to read. Click on the image to get a bigger view.)

I used just one ‘point’ to make a 3D thank you card for my friend “Wild Roze”.
3 stars – a Christmas tree
I had hoped to make this "3 hanging stars" but I am afraid just ran out of time so had to do a quick "mock-up" of the top star. I apologise.
Dimensions for the 3 stars are: 3 inches by 12 inches 2.75 inches by 9 inches 2.5 inches by 7 inches

The method is exactly the same as shown previously. To string them together you could use ribbon. Thread the ribbon through the centre of the star. I plan to use ‘bead wire’ leftover from making ‘sun catchers’. I will attach a few beads at the top and bottom of each star to keep them in place. It should then look like the stars are floating. Promise to show you this soon...

Tools you will need: cutting mat, paper trimmer (or craft knife and a metal ruler), glue. Supplies you will need: Scraps of cardstock, scraps of patterned paper, small photographs and whatever embellishments you have. Hints: Measure carefully. (All 6 points must be identical or they will not join together neatly. )Finish your decoration before assembling the points (You may want to change the sequence of your points). Optionally, decorate the back of the “box”. (This will be the inside.)

And finally some ideas on themes for your star: My friends What friend ship means to me January to December Monday to Sunday Growing up Food I love!!! Have fun using that stash and remember,when you use it, you have an excuse to buy more!!! (NOT that we need one LOL.) Thanks for all your great comments yesterday. We love to hear from you so keep them coming.
Woo Hoo Congratulations!!!
The winner of this weekend's prize, a 25 pound voucher from "PaperMaze" is "Stitchinwitch". Please email us at and provide your postal details and we'll get that pr1ze to you. Many thanks to our sponsors for their support!!!


Alexandra McNicol said...

what a great idea - will be giving this a go :)

joy said...

great instructions :0) thanks, Di!

joanna said...

Wonderful instructions, Di - great project idea :)

Trish said...

Di, another fabby post hunny, the instructions are brilliant xxx

Belfastgirl said...

Brilliant idea, thanks :)

Stitchinwitch said...

That looks like fun. I think this may end up a family project for any holiday.
Thank you for picking me as the winner. I am shocked.

creative diva said...

Di - when I saw this in your lounge, I knew I wanted to make it. Thanks for sharing the instructions and I will definitely use my left over Christmas paper to make a display in time for Christmas.

Well done on a faaaabulous project.

Heavenly Scrapbooks said...

Hey Di
LOVE the blog! And your idea for the star shaped card is ingenius. Might be doing a class or two with these ideas... Hmmm?! Maybe you should be entering our Heavenly Designer Competition. Keep up the great and interesting blog.