Friday, June 29, 2007

a Special Project for you today

haPPy frIDay everyone! I hope that you are having a great day, and it's dry where you are. Not sure where all this water is coming from but it sure is very wet here in the UK!!
Todays Project is a mix of three of my greatest passions, SCRAPPING, GARDENING and PHOTOGRAPHY! We're going to look at making journals and keeping a journal, ie writing in it on a regular basis.
Now as scrappers we aim to record memories and events for future generations, so that they can see where we came from, what we enjoyed doing and what life was like in 2007. But we're also doing it for ourselves, so that one day we can look back on our albums and remember those precious days gone by. And if you're anything like me, you battle to remember what happened in the summer of '06!!
Last year was my first attempt at tending a garden and it was such fun to watch it take shape and seeing flowers bloom from seeds that I had sewn was just magical! It was worth recording and I made an envelope accordian journal to keep my photos, seed packets and memories of that awesome journey!
This year I went for something slightly different! It's a bit 'Secret Garden'! I drew, in pencil, basic sketches of how I wanted the beds to look and as I plant and the garden evolves I am going over them in pen.
As photographers we are always looking for subjects to um subject to endless hours of posing while we practice using different camera settings and angles and what better models than the ones who don't talk back, get tired and bored or don't need to be bribed!!
And of course you just never know what delights you might find in the garden!
I write in my gardening journal every Sunday, updating it with how the plants are growing, if any have bloomed, about the slug problem, if we have had any veg out the allotment (which is out back of our house!!) and what work I have done out there over the weekend.
It is sometimes hard to find the time and energy to keep a journal but I know as each year passes and my skills improve I will enjoy looking back and reading my early experiences as a budding (heehee) gardener!
And don't forget you can adapt journals to any theme and occasion. How about a SUMMER HOLIDAY journal, where each member of the family gets to record their favourite activity of the day!
We do love to hear from you so if you are a journal keeper please send us a link to photos and tell us about the type of journals you keep!
Later dudes and have a great weekend!


joanna said...

Gorgeous post, Caz - love it :) Some fantastic ideas, and beautiful photography xxx

Trish said...

brill post caz, we only moved here at christmas so I think I will be doing a garden journal for next year, once I know what I have already got :) thanks xxx

NickyNoo said...

Wow, both journals are really lovely! Gorgeous And love the ladybird pic! : )