Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Run out of photo frames?

Hi, it's Maria here and it's so nice to see everyone enjoying our little piece of cyberland.
Today I am going to share my little tip for displaying those all important photos without spending a fortune.
I love having lots of piccies around the house but I will admit to having a few that only see daylight when certain visitors are expected. I also run out of frames that are just the right size for that picture I must have out. With this in mind I always have a stash of cheapie plate holders. You can pick them up in Homebase for a couple of pound and they fold flat when you're not using them.
I have included a photo of a *naked* one and one with a 8"x 8" layout. They go with any of your frames and look fab when arranged in a group on a shelf or coffee table. I did have a photo of them on display but it is on the girlies' pc and Graham packed it away to start decorating ........ Men!!!
Anyhoo, I hope that this rather rushed piccie gives you an idea and that you found my little tip useful.
Pip pip
A huge congRAtulations to Rachel Millington who has won herself a kit from the fab Scrapagogo!!
All you need to do Rachel is email us at acreativeworld@hotmail.co.uk and we will pass your details over to the gogo girls!!


joanna said...

Lovely idea, Maria; I wouldn't have thought to use a plate stand, but that looks great! :)

Diana said...

You are a real innovator Maria !!

Steph said...

Great idea Maria :) They look perfect for holding up a layout or photo.

Alexandra McNicol said...

What an absolutely fabulous idea!

Can I put in a request for a future project?? Last year I wanted to make my little boy a christmas advent calender which had pockets for me to fill - but didn't no how to go about it so didn't bother! If any of you have any great ideas for this I'd love to see them!

I know its early to be thinking about Christmas projects - but with a toddler and a baby I dont get a huge amount of time for my crafts s o would need to start this early in the vain hope of completing it before 1st December!


joy said...

Maria, that is brilliant¬!!!! xxx

Karen said...

Oooh, great tip, thanks Maria. :D