Friday, June 08, 2007

Something for the weekend!

Today is the 1 week anniversary of It's a Creative World, and what an exciting week it has been! Thank you all so very much for your support, encouragement and enthusiasm, without which we wouldn't be doing this. Now to help us celebrate we have two exciting offers to share with you all this weekend! Neither of them are to be missed so be sure to check back tomorrow when Maria will tell you all about it! Ooh i'm such a tease :) This week we have also had two wonderful ladies join our creative family. Trish, who inspired us all with her fab altered shopping bag on Wednesday. Trish makes the most wonderful jewellery using beautiful beads in gorgeous colours, and I certainly hope she has a few jewellery making classes lined up cause this lady has true talent that needs to be shared. If you are looking for a little crafting excitement this year Trish is one to watch! And Jo, who's amazing style of scrapping is admired and loved! Jo's gallery is a treat of deliciousness, with two gorgeous girls, who I may add she takes the most gorgeous photos of! Her funky, zesty layouts will give you a zing this summer that will have you dancing on the ceiling! Don't let her out of your sight :) When I first thought of starting this blog I not only wanted our wonderful design team to inspire you but also to give you ideas for upcoming events. And what better time to start, than right now when there is just over a week until Fathers Day. The file folder I have used for this project is from Daisy D's and is a diecut so all you have to do is push the folder and file pages out and start putting it together. I printed my photographs 2 on a page using my Epson picturemate (they measure 3.5" x 2.5") and I found that to be a good size for the pages, leaving enough room for stamping, embellishments and journalling. I have used photos of my husband and his children that I took on a recent walk around the field to see the cows, thankfully I had brought the camera as the conditions where perfect to capture them all relaxed and not posing. This is a great project to use up some embellishments you have been hoarding, those scraps of paper too precious to throw out, oh and a bit of that ribbon you have stashed away! On the tabs I have used stamped words, buttons, the dymo, and a making memories hinge.

Hint: When binding the album use a broad ribbon together with a thin ribbon. You are going to tie bows with the large ribbon and use the thinner one to secure the knot and ensure it doesn't get too tight or else your book will not open. Firstly, using both ribbons together, tie a knot making sure the book can still openthen using just the thin ribbon tie another knot over the 'combined ribbon' knot. This will keep the ribbon in place. Then tie a bow over both knots with the thick ribbon and trim the ends. For my folder I used thick green with thin pink ribbon.

File folders are also great way to showcase photos of holidays and trips that you don't want to fill a whole album with, but of course you need to scrap the occasion. But watch out they can be addictive!

Happy Friday everyone!




Yizz said...

I cant beleive how fast all this exciting stuff is appearing on your blog, its all so fab.
I cant wait for tomorrow to catch your offers!

joanna said...

A really lovely project, Caz - looks FAB, and I will give it a go :)

joy said...

this is great.... love the book :0)

Anonymous said...

Caz - that is stunning. Will have to give it a bash for father's day.
Really wonderfull what you all are doing. Keep it up.:)

Pat said...

Wonderful project, thanks for sharing.

mara g said...

I just found this blog. I really love it. Thank you for having this for us.
Also was wondering if you could put a subscribe to the blog thing on the blog? That was I can see when it gets updated.

Anonymous said...

Love this - going on my to do list for sure.