Friday, August 24, 2007

Back to school - cameras at the ready!

Hello :) It's Jo here, bringing you some 'back to school'-themed layouts, and urging you all to have your cameras at the ready when the children start the new term in September. I try and take photos throughout the school year, so that when I'm doing my teacher presents at the end of the summer term, I can include photos taken at different points during the year, and it never ceases to amaze me how much the children can change in the space of ten or so months. My younger daughter started school last September, and looked so little on her first day - her book bag was nearly half the size she was! first-day My elder daughter was joining year 2 last September, and her year 1 had been quite difficult for her, due to a period of ill health. I knew that she was anxious about going into year 2, and her face on this photograph told me all I needed to know about exactly how she was feeling. Thankfully, she connected with her fantastic year 2 teacher almost instantly, and had a brilliant year with her. I have journalled my feelings and her feelings about starting year 2 around the circles in the bottom left portion of the layout. I didn't want to do hidden journalling, but I also didn't want the journalling for this layout splashed across the page. a-little-anxious I absolutely LOVE seeing my girls in their new uniforms at the start of the new school year - they look so smart (for about a week!!!) and their shoes are pristine. I wanted to do a layout showing just how smart they look. so-smart With thanks to my lovely friend Debbie for letting me have a play with her Cricut to cut my titles for these layouts - much easier than cutting them by hand! More school-themed layouts on the way in September, when Trish will be celebrating and commemorating 'starting school' :)
Bye for now!


Anonymous said...

Lovely girls and great layouts!

Paula said...

beautiful layouts - thanks x