Sunday, August 19, 2007

More Quick Cards

How many cards do you buy from shops in a year? If you think about it you'll probably run out of fingers and toes several times over! Birthdays, Anniversarys, Get Well Soon, New House, New Baby, Wedding, Hello, Goodbye, New Job, Christmas etc. etc. etc.
Wouldn't it be great if you had a box of cards that you could dip into whenever the need arises? To be able to send a hand crafted card that looks like it's taken hours of hard work when in reality it took just a few minutes.
So what about this quick and easy card then? A general use card suitable for a new baby, Happy Birthday or just to say hello that is quick enough for you to be able to make a few at a time to begin your collection for your box of cards
Step 1
Cut striped paper to size, ink around the edges with a charcoal chalk ink pad and adhere to card blank.

Step 2

Glue a toning length of ribbon across card and trim edges with sharp scissors to prevent fraying (I keep my ribbon and fabric scissors seperate to my paper scissors so keep them sharp).

Step 3

Stamp an image with a permanent ink pad and colour with watercolour paints of pencils, trim to size and ink around the edges with black chalk ink. Attach to your card with foam pads to raise the image from the background and give extra definition.

Step 4

Select co-ordinating buttons and attach with strong glue down the side of the card or you could add a sentiment instead of buttons

(Striped paper from Shabby Princess, Ribbon from Amercan Crafts, Buttons by FooFaLa, Stamp by Tilda at Panduro)

Have fun making cards, we would love to see your handywork so please leave a link in the comments box.
Andrea x


Eleanor said...

Lovely card, clean and refreshing. I just wondered, do you cut your ribbon edges flush with the card edge or do you wrap them around a little?

Belfastgirl said...

beautiful card :) I should really make more of my own!

Andrea said...

Hi Eleanor, I just snip the edges flush with the edge of my card. I have two sets of small very sharp fiskars scissors and one set is kept solely for ribbons so they stay super sharp and give a clean cut.

Paula said...

oh this is lovely and thanks for the scissors tip!

Alexandra McNicol said...

Thats such a sweet card.

I'm currently in the middle of putting together a box of cards for my Nan as her Christmas present. I've secretly gone through her calender and written down all her birthdays and anniversaries and I'm going to cards for them, as well as a couple of random ones!

joanna said...

Andrea, you are very naughty, because now I'm thinking I need to invest in some nice stamps :D Lovely card, will definitely have a go at making a batch of these (once I have some stamps, of course!!)