Friday, August 31, 2007

Little altered pieces

Hello, again! It's Joy, and we are going to make some little altered pieces that you can incorporate into altered books, ATCs, and other projects.
I first painted plastic (a plastic bag) and heated it as a workshop at Marion's Magpie Crafts. I owe Marion credit for teaching me that technique originally. Since then... I've been on a shrinking crusade!
This project began when I had put cling film in paint to create texture. It looked quite pretty when I removed it... and so I saved it. Then I zapped it with a heat gun.
And it made a heart!
I knew then that it would end up in my melting pot somehow.... I tossed it in with some UTEE and took it back out. It shrank more. Then I cut some of it up into little pieces. I found 3 objects I wanted to play with.... seaglass, shrink plastic, and a seashell.
First, I put the seaglass in the melting pot and added clear embossing powder and some coloured powders. Then I put the cling film on top, let it heat, and then added more clear powder. I removed it with the spatula onto a non-stick surface. The cling film wasn't totally flat, so I zapped it with my heat gun again. I think it looks like an altered roof and may eventually become part of an altered house!

Next, I threw a bit of shrink plastic in (which of course, shrunk), and repeated the same process.

Finally, a added a seashell. This would be gorgeous in a carved window in an altered book.

I hope this helps you find some mojo for some fantastic messy play!

xxxx Joy


Belfastgirl said...

Joy hon, these are fantastic pieces!!! I love the little seaglass roof... hehe more melt pot playing :)

Karen said...

Very purty Joy. :) I wouldn't know where to start lol.