Thursday, August 30, 2007

A simple card....

Hi all from Di in Cape Town. Hope you are enjoying all the exciting inspiration that the team has been bringing you.
A simple card for you today but one that was very special for me to make. It was for Caz's wedding in March ths year.

The card itself is very simple. Here are the measuremenst and basic instructions: I used Basic Grey Phoebe range of PP which is very close to cardstock weight, and decorated the front of the card very simply:

On the inside of the card, I included my wedding greeting to Caz and Stu: And I also included 4 tags at the bottom: 'each other', 'children', parents' and 'friends'. Then on the very inside of the card, I included some of my thoughts on love, specifically for 'each other', children, 'parents' and 'friends'.

I then made a large envelope and again used minimal decoration.
The envelope closes with a magnet.
So a very simple card that is quick and easy to make for a special occasion.
Thanks for visiting us and love from Di XXX


joanna said...

That's beautiful, Di - what a lovely idea :)

Trish said...

Di, that is beautiful hun xxx

Belfastgirl said...

oh such a beautiful idea :)