Sunday, September 23, 2007

And now for something Different...

And it's a big IACW welcome to our guest designer "Lemon" who has something up to date and very special for you today. Over to you darling!!!
Hi and good morning from "Lemon". Today we will make an acrylic album.
Supplies: Acetate and transparencies for printing on Papers BG Periphery zinfandel BG Periphery Chablis BG Periphery petit BG Periphery die cut sheet BG Periphery contact sheet from the front of the pack BG Periphery sugar alphabet stickers Rub-ons BG paisley border BG japans style 7 Gypsies baby girl 7 Gypsies elements architecture
Tools and odds and ends! Herma, dst, or any dry adhesive Scallop scissors Circle punch Sand paper Diamante ring Lace Stick on gems – clear and aqua blue Stamps and ink Flourish stamps Corner stamp Circle stamp Circle journal stamps Sentiment stamp Stazon ink – black Chalk ink – charcoal Cleaning supplies Cotton wool buds Herma label off or undo Alcohol blending solution

(You will need the cleaning supplies if you get any dirty smudges off you fingers from the ink or from the adhesive that you use. )

Preparation: First cut your pages from the acetate. Mine are 9.5cm long x 21cm wide. To make a replica of this book, you will need to cut 8 pages. Then punch the holes at one side. I used a square punch and a wire ring but you could you use book rings or ribbon. I printed all my photos out at 2.5 x 3.5 inches and then just trimmed them a little. We are going to make this album backwards to help with the placement of the items….don’t stick anything down until you are sure of the placement of them.

Page 8: Cut a piece of the petit green paper 7.5 x 15.5 cm and take the die cut from the sheet and ink the edges of both. Centre the green paper and adhere it to the page and then centre the die cut…..don’t put any glue near the top as you will need to slightly lift it when using the rub on. Using one of the paisley rubons rub them onto the page…I had to cut mine in the middle to keep the line straight and get the swirls in both top corners. Adhere the photo and add the blue gems.

Page 7:
Cut a piece of the zinfandel blue paper 9 x 12 cm and cut a piece contact sheet…I used cork. Now cut a scallop border along the edge of the cork paper. Ink all edges of both the papers. Adhere the cork paper to the blue paper and adhere your photo towards the right hand side. Place your alphabet stickers on the left and adhere the clear gems to the scallops. Adhere the piece of lace under the blue paper on the right, and then adhere to the acetate. Page 6:
We are going to use the natural frames on the Chablis cream paper to frame our photos so be careful where you cut! On this page we are going to use the frame in the top left corner of the sheet. You need to measure 9cm across the top and cut down 12cm. Check the example (pg 6) to see what I mean. Ink the paper. Attach your photo to the paper - at this point it will stick out over the top. Take one of the die cuts and ink it. Cut a piece off the contact sheet, I used olive. Ink the edges and stamp a sentiment onto it. Adhere the cream paper to the acetate on the left hand side 0.5cm from the holes. Now adhere the sentiment and the swirl and add a blue gem to the swirl. Trim the top of the photo off. Page 5:
This is where you are going to print on your transparencies. I used an overlay from for this page and I used a digital brush from for page 4. There are plenty of freebies out there, or you could use pre-printed ones, or even a flourish stamp and stazon ink, the choice is yours. I just printed the overlay and cut it to size. Page done. Page 4:
Cut a piece of the Chablis cream paper. You need to cut a piece 8 x 17.5 cm. Cut it so from the right hand side along the bottom line of the box so that you leave intact the word “Paris”……and ink it. See the picture. Cut from the contact sheet the vineyard paper and scallop one edge. I used a circle stamp for the journaling and punched it out. Print your digital image onto transparency and adhere it to the underside of the vineyard paper as above. Adhere these to the cream paper and then your photo. I then added the journaling block, and rubbed on two of the flowers from the Japanese style rub ons. Then adhere clear gems to the scallops. Page 3:
Using the flower die cut sand all the edges and keep the little bits from the inside for later. Adhere it to the bottom right hand corner of the acetate and add the blue gems. Cut from the contact sheet a block of three papers. I used the block that included cabernet, petit and zinfandel, ink the edges. Adhere to the acetate butting up to the flower. Adhere the photo. Ink the edges of one of the swirls from the die cuts and adhere slightly over the photo. Ink the edges of the left over flower bits and adhere to the edge of the paper and place a blue gem in the middle. Page 2:
This is the tricky bit. I used a mat that has a grid on it so it makes the next bit quite easy. If you don’t have one, then mark a cross on a blank piece of paper and use that. Place the acetate over page 3 and line the edges up. Then taking note of where the centre of the flower is, remove page 3 from underneath keeping the acetate in place. Then using a circle stamp or a circle rubon, centre it and stamp using stazon. Cut a piece of petit 11 x7 cm and ink the edges and stamp using the corner stamp. Ink the edges of the blue diecut. Adhere the petit, the die cut and then the photo placing them as above. Add 3 clear gems to the corner of petit. Page 1:
Cut the Chablis 8 x 17.5cm… note you should have the word “Paris” in the top right corner, and ink it. From the contact sheet cut the verdot and ink the edges. Ink the edges of the green die cut and a blue swirl. Punch out a circle and ink the edges then apply a rubon from the architecture sheet. Adhere both of these overlapping the frame on the paper. Place the acetate over page 2 and adhere the verdot so that you can’t see the circle below it, then add the swirl to the top of it, only part of it will show. Adhere the photo inside the natural frame. Add the blue gems to the circles of the frame and a clear gem to the bird’s eye. Album cover:
Using a flourish stamp and stazon ink, stamp to the left hand side near the holes. Ink the edges of the two die cuts. Add a small crown rub on to the small die cut and the diamante circle or a circle of clear gems. Place page 1 underneath and line up the large one so it is over the photo and so that the small one covers the rub on on the circle, then adhere them to the acetate. Add your title to the large die cut using the alphabet stickers and then add three blue gems to the flourish. And the album’s now complete! Hope you enjoy making it!
Thanks for visiting and love from "Lemon" XXX


Belfastgirl said...

Lemon, this is beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

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Fantastic! I've been wanting to have a go at one of these but wasn't sure where to start :D

Sarah said...

Lemon this is absolutely wonderful, thanks for sharing

jakey said...

Isn't she a clever old stick!! Brilliant instructions and a truly lovely book.

Great stuff darl!

jk xx

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Absolutely blinkin' gorgeous Lemon. :D

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Absolutely beautiful - love it :) xx

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this is beautiful, lemon :0)

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Just GORGEOUS Lems!!!

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yay Lemon brilliant instructions - but the photos don't do it justice - it's so gorgeous in RL :)


Anonymous said...

Lemon, that book is simply magnificent, you can tell just how much you enjoyed makingit, it really is a

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WONDERFUL job, Lemon!!!! :D