Friday, October 05, 2007

Shiva Batik ATCs

Shiva paint sticks are beautiful, and they dry quickly. This is a quick and easy project that anyone can do.
Materials - Shiva paint sticks, cardstock, black paint, UTEE, melting pot & tools, paints
Step 1: Take skin off of shiva paint sticks. (Peel off the top layer.) Colour and doodle on card (colour of your choice.)
Step 2: Cover in black paint, as if you were doing crayon batik, and then wipe off excess paint.
Step 3: Add colour back in with more paint sticks and paints. Step 4: Cut into ATCs. This is the ATC I made for our team post on 1st October. I painted the pink ribbon and then placed the ATC face down (paint still wet) into the melting pot with hot UTEE. Here are two other ATCs after adding UTEE.




Angela said...

brilliant technique joy :)

Tracy Pearman said...

Thanks for sharing this technique Joy. Your cards are very special.