Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tipsy raisins for Christmas...

Hi from Di.
TodayI bring you an easy peasy idea for Christmas. These are DELICIOUS! (and I do not touch brandy normally.) You can make them for home or for gifts and believe me with ICE CREAM they are delish!!!
Lets start with what you will need:
750 gm seedless raisins
1 litre of inexpensive brandy
2 jars ( I used empty coffee jars)
some fabric and ribbon for decoration

Day 1 Put the raisins in your jars and top up with brandy as shown Day 2: The raisins will have begun to "sup" up the brandy so mix up the raisins with a spoon and top up to cover with the brandy.

Day 3: The raisins are still "supping" up the brandy so again, mix up the raisins with a spoon and top up to cover the raisins with the brandy.
This is how much brandy you should have left. Now just leave then in a nice cool place to FERMENT LOL.
OK you cannot leave them too long they will last FOREVER.
But eventually decorate and give them away (boo hoo) or use them youself!!! I dipped two circles of cream fabric into a bowl of hot coffee, rinsed the fabric, let it dry then made a lid and tied with ribbon.
I decided to make just two gifts but you could easily decant the raisins into smaller jars and have about 4 or 6 gifts!!!
Eat them out the jar, pour them on ice cream, or serve with Xmas pudding. They will warm the cockles of your heart.
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Love from Di and thanks for visiting!!!

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Angela said...

oooh these would make good stocking/hamper filler presents, thanks Di!