Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Advent gift box

Hi, it's Maria here with an idea for an alternative advent calender. We used to have the cardboard calenders but they often get forgotten about or they fall apart before Christmas.
And, if they contain choccie it's a fight to get there before our dog Lucy. She's not allowed choccie, obviously, but she's a bit of a sneaky pup.
Anyhoo, I now put together an advent gift box for the girlie wirlies. I love choosing a selection of little goodies and wrapping them up prettily. The look on the girlie wirlies' faces is a picture when they get their box of goodies.
You will need
* A festive gift box - I use a Christmas biscuit tin for each girlie
* Tissue paper for wrapping
* Ribbon
* 24 small gifts/sweeties
I have shown a small selection of the goodies that will be going in our tins and I will pad it out with other bits and bobs. Sweeties like Love hearts are a special treat in our house so I'll wrap a pack of them. Some small bars of choccie will go in all nicely wrapped. I'll split a packet of gel pens and wrap them up individually. Anything from Claire's is a winner so a little shoppie shop there is required.

You really don't have to spend a fortune on goodies and could just fill the tin with a sweetie for each day.

I tend to keep our box as a lucky dipper but you could number the pressies. You don't even have to put 24 goodies in and could make it last for as many days as you wanted. You really can make it however you fancy and according to your budget.

I quite fancy doing one for the run up to a special birthday. You could give a gift and a clue about the real pressie that is in the tin for the big day. Mind you, if I received it I'd be very tempted to have a sneeky peek.

I hope that you like my advent box and I'd love to know about any Christmas traditions in your home. You never know the advent gift box could become a new tradition for your family.

Ooh, before I go I must say *WOW* love those glitter mists Angela. I think I shall have to partake of some of those.

Ooh, ooh, don't forget that we are still collecting for breast cancer awareness and will have a few more giveaways for those that donate.

Toodle pip

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Alexandra McNicol said...

Thats a fantastic idea - I wanted to get big wooden one with drawers for my kids but they're quite expensive so yet again they've got chocolate advent calenders!

Will definitely be doing this one for them next year - what a fab fab fab idea!