Monday, November 19, 2007

From start to finish

Mid month Monday and the final crochet blanket update!!
For our new readers, the full story is here.
But why don't I recap anyway :)
In the summer I decided to crochet blankets for my nieces for Christmas.
They started out as beautiful coloured balls of wool, all sitting in a big basket.
My first lesson....a 3x3 square 'blanket', that's mine on the right!
It was fun working out all the different colour combinations and how many of each I would need.
224 squares per blanket!!
Putting them together for me was the tough bit but it was also exciting to see how the finished product would look!
224 squares being laid out on a piece of calico.
224 squares pinned to a piece of calico.
448 squares make two very pretty blankets!!
Washed and wrapped ready to go under the tree :)
Oh and of course I am a sucker for punishment so blanket number 3 is underway!!!!
lol, it's addictive!!
This one is slightly different, each square is made up of 6 rows not 4. And i'm also substituting the pink for red :)
For me, this was a HUGE achievement because I am a great starter of projects but not a great finisher.
My DH didn't think I would pull it off, but has since told me how proud he is of me. That kinda makes it even more special!!
If you've not tried crochet yet, it's a must.
Oh and before I forget, I must show off this beautiful blanket made by such a lovely lady whose blog I love to read!!
It's so easy and really, if I can do this anyone can :)
haPPy monDAy!!
haPPy creATing!!
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Diana said...

Oh My Caz these are gorgeous! I am so proud of you for finishing them as you had a very tight deadline.

Well done you have creatred 2 heirlooms that will be cherished for a long long time.

Your very proud Mim

joy said...

Caz, they are gorgeous! Truly amazing gifts for your nieces!!!


twiggypeasticks said...

They are totally lush!! I've always meant to have a go at crochet. Well done, truly inspiring.