Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Fabric coasters

Do you have a little space just for you to create? Here is a way to personalise it with some little altered *fabric* coasters - perfect to hold your refreshments for an art party! Alternatively, you can create the fabric and use it for any other project (ATC, altered bag, etc).
Materials: muslin, paint, expanding paint, heat gun, transparency, adhesive, embossing powders, scissors, coaster Step 1 - Paint muslin. I've used pearlescent paints here to give a shiny effect.

Step 2 - Stamp an image using expanding paint (paint that expands with heat). I used a Stampers Anonymous harlequinn stamp. Then I added embossing powders into the paint.

Step 3: Heat. The paint will puff up, giving a great texture to the piece.

Step 4: Add paints as desired. Step 5: Trim to size for your coaster.

Step 6: Cut a transparency to wrap around the coaster. This will protect the fabric from spills. Step 7: Use a strong adhesive to glue to the back of the coaster. Weight the transparency down for 1-2 days to ensure it adheres.

Step 8: Enjoy! :)

x Joy

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Belfastgirl said...

wow joy this is a fabulous idea!!! Now we will be all posh with coasters the next time I come to your house!!! hehe