Friday, July 20, 2007

Altered memories.....

Hey hey it's Friday!! And time for the weekend, which means shopping, family days out and often a party to attend. And here at it's a creative world we like to make gifts that are a little different and meaningful. Now I wonder how many of you have little wooden boxes lying around your house, just because you're an artist and CAN'T possibly throw anything out :) I know I do and in fact I have had one in my side table drawer for about 8 months that I knew I would use one actually my lovely DH found it and brought it home for me ;) So today we are going to turn a plain, ordinary, little wooden box............... .........into a treasure chest! A place to keep all those tiny precious keepsakes, those things you know you could never part with, those things that take you back to the days you held your tiny baby in your arms, those things that would get lost if you didn't have a place to keep them safe.
Give the box a light sand to start with, then a few coats of acrylic paint. I wanted to give it a slightly worn look so I sanded it again making sure I exposed the wood on the edges, it also gave the paint a smooth look, cause I am a bit of a streaky painter! Then you need to add some embellishments and this is the part where you can really let your imagination fly and create some awesome effects with kitchen roll and PVA glue, or decoupage. And then finish off with a few layers of sealer, I used modge podge, just to give it a little protection.
So there you have it, from plain, to gift in a few hours, and of course this idea is not limited to baby showers, you can make boxes to keep treasures from weddings, special birthdays, childhood, earings on a dressing table.....the list is endless!
Thanks for visiting and as always from us here at it's a creative world, have a great day and happy creating!

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Anonymous said...

Oh that's lovely - have some boxes that I can transform.