Monday, August 13, 2007

Get Hooked

on crochet!!
So a few months ago I got it into my head to crochet blankets for my nieces for Christmas. Now while I thought this was a fantastic plan, my one small problem was that I couldn't remember how to crochet! And I had no idea how to plan such a huge project. Thank goodness my Darling mother, Di, planned a trip to the UK this summer, so she could teach me while she was here :)

Here is one she made earlier, lol. It's my winter 'lying on the couch watching TV all wrapped up' blanket and I wouldn't be without it! I love it and I plan to have it forever and hopefully one day it will be passed down a generation.

Last Thursday was 1st lesson day and mum and I started slowly, and we crocheted together, side by side and went at the same pace so I could ask questions if I got stuck. We each made 9 squares and put them together so I could see the whole process from start to finish. Mine is the purple 'blanket' :) (It's a bit bigger and looser cause I used a 5mm hook)

Recommended wools:
100% colour fast
Machine washable
Stitches we will use: We will start with 3 simple stitches:
sl st (slip stitch)
dc ( double crochet)
ch (chain)
Crochet Hook Size 4 mm
Learn the basic stitches:
and we have our first square
For a blanket that is 14 x 16 rows, which we think will be good for a single bed, we plan to use 14 balls of wool, 2 each of 5 colours and 4 of the colour that will surround each square and will be used to 'stitch' the blanket together. We will need 224 granny squares.
I bought my wool at Wilkinsons for 79p a ball, which is a bargain.
Some tips from Di:

You will make approximately 27 squares from one 100gm ball of wool.

Start crocheting from the inside end of the wool

Crochet your ends in and cut off ends after you finish each square.
When you get up to speed, you should make 1 square in about 15 minutes.
Common Terms and Abbreviations: This is a list of common terms and abbreviations that you will come across when reading crochet patterns. Learning these terms and abbreviations is a huge step towards reading a pattern.
beg: begin(ning)
ch: chain
dc: double crochet
dec: decreas
eest: established hdc half double crochet inc: increase lp(s): loop(s) rep: repeat rev sc: reverse single crochet rnd: round RS: right side sc: single crochet sl st: slip stitch sp(s): space(s) st(s): stitch(es) tog: together tr: treble crochet WS: wrong side courtesy of Links to other sites with explanations all lessons crochet instructions free pattern baby granny afghan blanket crochet guild of america Since starting this project last Friday we have been so busy making our squares that we are almost half way through the first blanket! And the plan is to have all the squares done by the time mum leaves the UK next week. It has been amazing to see it grow so fast and I can't wait to lay the squares out to get an idea of what it will eventually look like. Obviously the second blanket will not grow quite so quickly but I have at least 3 months to make it so I am not panicing yet :) I'll be doing monthly progress report posts (mid month Monday) to show you how I am getting on, and explain how we put the finished squares together, so if you fancy joining me, pop down to your local store to pick up your wool today!
Love Caz (and Di :) )

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Another great creative inspiration. Would love to try making a blanket.