Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Seaglass Pictures

Here is a quick project that gives you something a little magical at the end....
Materials: seaglass, a photo trimmed to the seaglass, a melting pot, a non-stick surface, UTEE, water, and tweezers (for the melting pot). My photo was from my inkjet printer.
Put the seaglass in the melting pot, and turn it on to the UTEE setting.

Pour UTEE over the top of the glass. When it has melted, use the tweezers to remove it from the melting pot onto the non-stick surface. Quickly place your picture face-down into the warm UTEE side of the seaglass. Gently rub it into the UTEE. (I used a brayer.)

Wait 5-10 minutes for the piece to cool. Then use water and lightly rub off the picture/image until all of the paper has been removed. It should leave a lovely, transparent image in your glass.

Next, place the piece picture side up back in the melting pot. Add UTEE to the top again and let it melt. This will give the seaglass picture some depth, and it helps to make it more transparent. After it has melted, use tweezers to remove the glass, and put it on the non-stick craft sheet.

Here is my piece:

And a big thank you to my pal, Angela, who, when I suggested this, told me (being slightly unsure) to go for it (and is the source of all melting pot knowledge!) :0) Angela has a special guest project for you on the 28th August, too. xxxxxxxx Joy


Anonymous said...

Another fabulous idea!!

joanna said...

Ooh, I love this, Joy. What a great effect - do I NEED to buy a melting pot??!! :D

Belfastgirl said...

aww its lovely Joy :)

melting pots should be mandatory.

Lucy said...

Fabulous. Truly inspired to have a go now! xxx

Lucy said...

Fabulous, really inspiring - can't wait to have a go! xx

Irene said...

This is lovely! How did anyone find this out in the first place though? :)

Thanks for sharing

A Creative World said...

ooh just found it out playing :0) xxxx joy

Paula said...

This is beautiful Joy!
Looking forward to Angela's project!