Saturday, August 04, 2007

Photo Tile and Spray Paint

Do you have some old tiles laying around the house? Grab a photo, some spray paint, some tissue paper, mod podge/gel closs, stamps and some lumiere paints for some mEssY pLay!
First, go to a well ventilated area and spray paint the tile. I scratched into the paint while it was wet - a bit of doodling.

Let the tile dry overnight.

Then do a transfer of your image (photo or any image you like) using mod podge or golden gel gloss medium. Splodge a lot on the tile and on the photo, smooth it down (you can use a brayer, but I used my hands), and leave it overnight to dry.

Gently rub the photo off with water. Don't worry if it leaves a few holes - just adds to the distressed look. Next, I used a Sakura souffle pen to add some swirls and add to my doodling.

Next, I added tissue paper across the middle and corners to give the piece some depth.

I also stamped onto tissue paper (Stampers Anonymous, Tim Holtz - "Memories") and embossed it. I then glued this over the tissue paper on the tile.

Next I added lumiere paints.

That finishes off the tile. :0) And here are some other pics of spray paint images, negatives (reversing the sprayed pieces onto card), and ideas for patterns for general MeSsY pLaY!

xxx Joy


Belfastgirl said...

WOW!!!! this is amazing Joy :D I love it, sooo pretty, I will definitely have to give this a go... (now you're making me go out and buy spray paints!)

Anonymous said...

This is so Joyfull lol, muat hVE go at this

Paula said...

this is fab Joy! really lovely!