Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Acetate Cards!

Hello everybody! Joanne here again. As you may have seen acetate cards have become very trendy recently and I for one am no exception to this trend. I love making this type of card as they look so unusual and effective. I've made one for this weeks' card. Very straightforward and quite quick to make. Here goes!
The basic ingredients for this card are an A5 sheet of acetate (I got mine from a pack used for glass painting), cardstock and rub ons (I used Hambly). The bits of embellishment I used were a piece of lace and ric-rac, safety pin, small label and small rhinestones.
Step 1
Fold your acetate in half to form your card. Cut two identical hearts from the red cardstock.
Step 2
Decide where you are going to place your rub ons and heart on the outside. Stick one heart inside the card exactly where the one on the outside will be (this is so you can write your message on it!).
Step 3
Decorate your heart for the outside if desired. I tied round some ric-rac and lace and added a safety pin and small label. Attach to the front of your card directly over the heart which is on the inside.
Step 4
Apply rub on to the front of your card and embellish with rhinestones if desired. I hope you enjoy making this card as much as I did. Look out for more acetate cards in the future!
TFL! Joanne x *************************************************** As part of our Breast Cancer awareness month,  today we are giving away a beautiful Pink Heat gun, which has been very kindly donated to us by Stephanie at Forgetmenot Papercrafts in Belfast.   All you need to do is either:  donate some money to our Just Giving Page, Scrap your Bosoms or leave a comment.   Remember if you do all 3, you'll get 3 chances at the prize!!! Goodluck!


Diana said...

Great project today... I have not tried using acetate so must give it a try!

Angela said...

Joanne, this is amazing!!! I never thought of making a card from acetate!!!

naomi_m said...

Oh that's lovely. Must buy some acetate.

Anonymous said...

beautiful card Joanne!!! Might have to dig out some acetate and have a play - did love the one you showed us at the crop too....

Katie Squirrel x

Karen O said...

awesome card!

Glitter Chatter said...

Hi guys!! I have scrapped my boob's for you recently and am hosting a pink pamper party to raise money for breakthrough breast cancer on the 26th. will let you know how it go's on my blog -

would love a pink glue gun!! hmmmmmm!!

Glitter Chatter said...

hi guys!

scraped my boobs last week and would love to win a pink glue gun!! lol

am holding a pink pamper party to raise money myself on the 26th!! will let you know how it go's xox

Anso said...

Love transparecny cards! What a cute thing to do :)))

Peechy said...

great card!! will have a look back at the other projects too!!

You soooo dont want me to scrap my boobs - 2 weeks till bubble is due... boobs not so pretty :o)

pretty-pink-cards said...

I scrapped my boobs this week...
I am planning a pink scrapping party at some stage its just getting the right date for everyone x

Fab accetate card must do a couple of those

Caroline x

Lucy said...

I wish I could scrap my boobs...a get another pair!!!!!

Jo...that card is absolutely scrumalicious :D xx

Anonymous said...

ooooh I am just going to HAVE to have a go at an acetate card now... that is beautiful :D