Monday, October 15, 2007

Crochet update!!

It's mid month Monday and that means I get to tell you how far I am with blanket number 2!!
For new readers to IACW, you can catch up with the CROCHET STORY HERE :)
With only 10 weeks left till Christmas I am just over half way through the 224 squares, which means I need to average 16 squares a week, to leave me enough time to put the blanket together, get all the ends trimmed and washed, dried and beautifully wrapped!!
EASY PEASY!! {lol}
Di {my DMM (dear mad mum)} has taken up the crochet challenge and this is seriously an awesome blanket she's made. It's very different to the girls blankets, as I am using one colour to surround each square, put it together and crochet around the whole blanket.
BUT it just goes to show how totally flexible and imaginative you can be with crochet.

Di says..............10 colours, 224 DIFFERENT {ie 224 unique} squares. It took me 2 weeks to make the squares then another week to crochet them together and crochet round the edges.

If you are an avid crochet'er we would love to see your work, so please pop a link in the comments :)

The lovely CHRIS is supporting out breast cancer fund raising efforts with another CHALLENGE!!! Chris says:

"I am asking you to take part in my little challenge to be included in the draw to win lovely blog candy and I will be making a £10 donation to the Just Giving page for the winner also... who will then be eligible to win some of the goodies IACW are offering too :D"

Please visit CHRIS to see the GREAT challenge she has put together!!!

haPPy creATing!! Caz xx

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Chris said...

Oooooh Di that blanket is amazing... makes me want to reach for my crochet hook :D
Don't know whether I've got patience to do what you've done though even if it is stunningly beautiful :D