Saturday, October 20, 2007

Delightful terracotta candle pots

Hey there everyone! A big HI to you all today from Caz!
Today I am bringing you a very quick easy project that has no limits :) but in the spirit of Chistmas.
I found these beautiful church candles at John Lewis for £2 each! Yes that's right £2, and that was for the big ones, the smaller size were only £1 each (Wish I had bought more!). But my problem was I didn't have candle holders for them! That was until I stumbled across these cheap but very cute terracotta pots at my local garden centre and I just knew they would work! All I did was give the pots and wipe down to get rid of any water marks and cob webs (!) and tied some raffia around the rim to give them a country look.
The pots cost 39p and 59p for the larger ones!!!!
It was that easy and they look so pretty!
Now obviously we like to be able to adapt our projects to use for lots of different occasions, so some other ideas:
How about painting the pots orange and having them out in the garden for halloween.
How about using them as a centre piece when you have a fancy dinner party, a bit of black velvet ribbon around the rim would really snazzy them up!
Or you could paint them loads of different bright colours and have them on your outside table when you have a bbq.
And finally give them as a gift, if you buy the teeny weeny pots you could give 3 with a bag of tea lights to someone who enjoys having candles around the house. The teeny pots cost about 29p each!
I hope todays post has inspired you to add a little light into your life.
Caz xxx

And Hi from Di the MDD (Mad Dear Mother) of Caz. I have a little challenge for you today!!!

For every 1 pound that you donate to IACW Just Giving page I will donate 1 pound. This challenge is open until Sunday midnight 21st October!!! So come on girls just 1 pound from each of you! And why would I do this? Because cancer took my mum. Here she is....

Because of her I have a mother,I am a daughter, and I am blessed.

Love from Di


Chris said...

Love the candle idea Caz :D
Your Mum looks like a lovely lady Di and I love your page :D

joy said...

I love the candles and pots. :0)

Di, you are a very generous lady and a credit to your mum xxxxxx