Monday, October 22, 2007

In the Doldrums ???

Hi again from Di with another idea to get the creative juices going.
I have been through a real “mojo less” period, and sometimes I just want to play. Because I am retired, I am on a pension, and therefore a BUDGET. Like you I have stash that I have actually FORGOTTEN about. So this is also an oopportunity to "Use Your Stash". Cheap and Cheerful Décor: Sometimes I just want to sit down and play, with no expectations of what I am creating. That’s when I create stuff to adorn my “studio”. So get some old cardboard, patterned paper, as many embellishments as you feel like and play. My Studio Just some patterned paper, paint, chipboard letters brads and ribbon.

About me:

And more just about me!!! And finally a little "welcome" I treat these as ’throwaways”. If they adorn “My space”for a few months, that’s fine. But they are in my face reminding me of who and what I am. They contain some positive thoughts that I can focus on whilst working. I used some paper that I have loved for a long time but have probably “over scrapped” LOL. You will find that you are not inhibited by the colours of photographs. (If you decide to include a few photographs, print them in black and white, sepia or antique.) This works for me. We would love to hear how YOU approach kindling your inspiration (We hope you come to IACW!!!! LOL.) a BIG Thanks for your very generous donations to our breast cancer awareness campaign. A special thanks to the folks who accepted my little challenge and donated this weekend. You will see that we have almost reached our target!!! And a reminder to get your "Scrap your Boobs" layouts in before the 31st October. Please email them to us at THANKS!!! Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

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Jaio said...

It's always interesting to see how a creative people is enjoing the life