Friday, October 26, 2007

Quick & Easy Buttons!

I love buttons, all sorts, mostly I seem to collect them (well, they do look so pretty in glass jars on my shelf!) but sometimes I actually use them too! The ones I use the most are actually the ones I have made myself, that way you can get a perfect match to your layout, and it's very easy and cheap to do. I have included a couple of examples here to help inspire you, I really hope you have a go because it is a great way to use up scraps and a nice little crafty thing to make up on one of those evenings when you don't have much time to spare but still want to get creative.

In this layout I made buttons to perfectly co-ordinate with the patterned paper using clear page pebbles. I bought a few packets of these when I started scrapping years ago but never used them, then I realised they could be used to make fake epoxy buttons! Just stick your page pebble directly on to your patterned paper, burnish the back of the paper with a rub-on stick to make sure it is stuck down properly and then carefully cut out the pebble.

To mark the holes it is easiest to draw round your shape on a piece of scrap paper and cut that out, then fold that template into quarters to give you some guidelines. If you then punch circles out of the template you can check if you like their position and go ahead and mark them onto the back of your button.

You can punch the holes with a cropadile or a normal eyelet punch, it's much easier than you think! I made this pile of buttons in less than half an hour, they are now all ready for me to start scrapping! I bought a pack of Basic Grey papers ready to scrap last years Christmas photos, and it came with a sheet of tags which knew I wouldn't use, so I cut up the tags and covered some Bazzill chips with them to make co-ordinating buttons. You could just as easily cut your own shapes out of cardboard, or use one of the larger die-cut machines like a Big Shot. To finish them off I sanded the edges which went well with the vintage papers, but inking them also looks really effective. You can also set eyelets into the button holes for a really clean look.

In this layout I used Bazzill chips again but painted them with acrylic to give a perfect match to the cardstock I used and then drew on some simple detail using a white marker pen.

I really hope you have a go at this, a great way to add some fun to your layouts and use up those scraps :)

Charlotte x


joy said...

charlotte,this is great!!! would have never thought of doing that.

Andrea said...

Ooh I love those chipboard buttons Charlotte.

Diana said...

GREAT GREAT post today Charlotte! i am INSPIRED!!!

joanna said...

Fab proj, LOVE those buttons Charlotte :D

Jo xx

Paula said...

oh i totally LOVE these x

Jules said...

Excellent, thanks for sharing, that post was really inspirational!

Jules x