Wednesday, November 14, 2007

an easy gift

A very good day to you all :)
Today we are going to make a gift.
It's quick, inexpensive and pretty!!
Firstly you need to choose a few different bits of fabric (off cuts work well!).
Then you need to decide what shape you are going to use. I have chosen birds! Which I down loaded from a cool site called Kiddley!
I cut 2 birds from 3 different co-ordinating fabrics (ie 12 sides, 6 birds) using my pinking shears.
Next I pinned them together with wadding in the middle for stuffing. Oh and added a bit of lavender in each bird too :) This is particularly good if giving this to someone who likes nice smelly things! (like me!!)
I used button thread, which is nice and strong, to stitch them up, making sure I added the ribbon as I went. The top piece of ribbon is looped. For the eyes I used gold beads which I chose to stitch on afterwards and pulled them tight to give the bird a little bit of shape. In all it took about 3 hours to make, including the time on the internet looking for the bird shape. Of course this is a great project to do with the kids! You can cut the shapes out of foam or felt and decorate before stringing them together with twill, ribbon or wool!! haPPy creATing Caz xx


Rachael said...

These are really sweet - they would be perfect stuffed with lavender ....

Tracey said...

The garland is sooo cute and I love the site you linked - thanks for sharing XXX