Monday, November 12, 2007

A South African Pinny

Morning all and a big South African welcome from Di.

I have been so busy sewing for the past week and could not resist making a South African apron for my dear son in law Stu who lives in England and has lots of barbecues or as we call them "Braais'. What makes the apron special to me is that it was made from fabric that belonged to Stu's Mum which I was given when she passed away a few years back. Thanks Undine!!!!

Now barbecue is messy so I thought a big pinny would be useful.

I cut my pattern from my crafty apron making it a little larger to allow for binding the edges.

I bound the edges with wide red bias binding.

I then added a large pocket to hold tools etc. and a small one to hold the mobile phone.
I then added some tags to the sides and a loop to go over Stu's head. And now for the South African bit.
I added a "Jammer Lappie" which translated means a "Sorry cloth". Typically it's an old tea towel that really should be thrown in the bin but is used to wipe hands, tools etc when doing the braai. Well I am so sorry I do not have any "sorry cloths" so I made Stu a nice clean one and pinned it on with a big safety pin.
That's it for me for today. I hope that Stu enjoys his Christmas apron!!!
Love from all of us at IACW.

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cass said...

love the Apron Di, especially the pocket for the mobile phone LOL