Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Helping young children to draw

Hi, it's Maria here again. I have to start with an apology as my scanner has just gone caput. Graham is out and there is no way I can get my pictures scanned now. Why is it everything goes bang at once? Before I go on I have to share of piccie of the winner of our *Creative children campaign*. Danielle is five and starts school today. Good luck Danielle and don't forget to let us know what you buy with your vouchers.

Oakey doakey, onto the reason for todays post. All children love creating but it can be difficult for them to draw something recognisable. Amelia our youngest daughter would get very frustrated and a session with paper and pencils would often result in lots of screwed up *rejects* and a very unhappy girlie.

Then I discovered the I can draw series of books published by Usborne. They break the technique of drawing down into easy pieces anyone can follow. Even my artistically challenged husband managed some animals you could recognise.

We started with the I can draw people and animals books written by Ray Gibson. They are so easy to follow that anyone can be drawing something recognisable within a few minutes. I’ve enlisted the help of my girlie wirlies to show you just how easy it is to draw a fish. There are four stages to follow.

1. Draw an egg shaped body

2. Add the mouth and an eye

3. Crayon some patterns on the body

4. Crayon a tail and two fins

I am so sorry for the quality of the piccie but this is all I have. Luckily, I scanned this one the other day or I would have been left with nothing. I am kicking myself as the girlie wirlies have drawn some fab piccies for me to share. Still, it's a good excuse to go shopping and we do love a good shoppie shop.

Toodle pip


joy said...

oooh, will have to get those books :0)

Karen said...

Aww, thanks hunny. Everybody's so excited we're all ready to go now and we've got half an hour yet lol. I will most definitely share a pic once Danielle's been on her spending spree. :)

I love the look of those books - Casey has something similar but I don't think it was an Usborne one. Will find out and let you know. :)

Yizz said...

I bought many of these books for my girls when they were smaller. Once they have mastered the technique, you can also sit with them and help them 'observe' the same shapes in the objects around them, e.g, look at that tree can you see what shape the trunk is - rectangle etc. It really does work.

joanna said...

I haven't seen those books, but they sound great, and I LOVE the easy-draw fish! :D

Belfastgirl said...

oh I remember Rolf Harris used to have a book like this when I was little! Good to know that there are books out there for my wee man when he gets a bit older :) Hope Danielle gets on well with her first day of school!

Paula said...

so cute and so easy - cant wait to share with josh!