Sunday, September 02, 2007

The final countdown

Yes, sadly, our summer campaign to get our children creating draws to a close. Mind you it possibly lasted longer than the summer.
It's Maria here feeling rather sad that this is the last time I will be sharing any masterpieces with you. But, rest assured that we'll back with something else for the little ones soon.
Anyhoo, these are our final works of art for your delectation.
Firstly, we have a fabulous sticker folder by Tatiana. Tatiana is 8 and lives in Buenos Aires.
We have *Handprints* by Callum age 2

We have *Thunder* by Harvey age 2

For our last masterpiece I need to direct you to Richard's blog. Richard is 11 and home educated. Click on *enjoy* to view his summer project.

The winner of the £20.00 voucher will be announced later on today. I just need to track down a photogenic child to do it for us ........ Just kidding Charlotte and Amelia!!!

The girls here at It's a creative world really hope that you have enjoyed our creative children campaign.

Toodle pip


Belfastgirl said...

wow, such lovely work! So nice to see kids creating!

Karen said...

Lots more fabulous work. :D