Friday, September 07, 2007

Beauty in Layers

This project is about backgrounds, collage and layers, integrating new backgrounds and embellishments and found items, to make cards and ATCs.
First, I started with a tissue paper base. I painted randomly all over the paper, and I glued embellishments (heart shapes, sheet music, wings, etc) onto the paper. I added more paint and embossing powder.
I also painted pellon with lumiere paints, left this to dry, cut it up, and glued random elements of it to the tissue paper. This added another layer... At this point, I also glued tulle over parts of the paper.
Next, I took out my favourite embellishments and stamps.
Do you remember these burned velvet hearts?

And these painted tyvek beads?

These pieces were glued randomly into the tissue paper collage. (It's always great to keep extra pieces/embellishments for projects like this one.)

This one made a daisy-bead ATC. I used paints in all pieces to blend colours and bring elements together.
This stamped-fabric fairy collage (Lynn Perrella stamp) was made into an ATC, with paints and embossing powders added. This heart made a housewarming card, again, finished off with paints and powders.
This bead made a scrumptious, textured ATC.
These two hearts will more than likely become inchies...
I hope this gives you some mojo for trying out some new backgrounds with your favourite stamps and embellishments.
xxx Joy

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Belfastgirl said...

wow Joy, these look fabulous, all full of texture... cool... I so want to try out the pellon thing... I the stuff that I bought is pellon... lol...