Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Let's get knitting

Hi again from Di. Well as I move into spring and summer guess most of you are moving to Autumn and Winter, so its time to start getting ready for those long winter nights.
And I have another easy peasy project for you this week. All you have to know about kntting is how to: cast on knit plain knit purl and cast off.
Today it's a really cosy blanket for you to curl under whilst watching TV or sleeping! I used only one colour of wool but you could use 9 or 16 different colours depending on how big you want the blanket to be. The blanket is made of knitted squares each measuring 14 inches by 14 inches.
OK what you will need is a pair of 4.5mm knitting needles and 1 and a quarter balls of wool (50 gm) per square. (I made 16 squares). The wool I used is South African made and it's thicker than double knitting so a sort of chunky wool. It is machine washable and 100% acrylic.
So we start by casting on 60 stitches. Row 1 knit Row 2 knit 30 stiches and purl 30 stitches. Repeat these two rows 20 times ( so you have 42 rows)
Row 43 knit Row 44 purl 30 stitches then knit 30 stitches Repeat the last two rows 20 times ( now we have 84 rows) cast off
Finished square:
Ok now knit another 15 squares (depending on how big you want the blanket you can knit more!) Sew them together Crochet round the edge and you are done!
I would love to see your blankets so please send us a photograph and we will share it on IACW.
Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

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