Friday, September 14, 2007

Top Tips

Hi all today we are doing craft top tips, I have asked all the CW girls and this is the list we have come up with, If you have any others please leave them in the comments section. Trish xxx Trish - get yourself an A2 (at least) craft mat. Maria - I like to bag bits up so that I can do something at short notice. Kind of a ready made kit for when the girlies are in bed and I get a spare hour. - Bulk buy Herma, as I never know when it is at the end of the roll. - Turn off the computer or I get distracted and nothing gets done. - I gut patterned paper if I'm mounting something big Di - using project folders for work in progress Caz - after each LO/project pack everything away so you're tidy before starting the next one Andrea - When making cards and I want to cover the whole of my card blank I don't cut out the paper first, I use double sided tape all around the edges to stick my paper to the card and then turn it over and trim with a craft knife. This means that I never have wonky cards and edges that are less than perfect

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Anonymous said...

katie squirrel........

Fab ideas ladies - I love the craft mates storage boxes for my brads as they dont all fall out if you drop the box- only the 1 compartment that you have open spills out.

Also, when covering chipboard letters, I usually trim round them with craft knife, then use nail file/sandpaper to make the edges neat.