Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Entertainment for a rainy afternoon

Hi, it's Maria here again. I really do need to apologise as I have just come to put my post together and our *lovely* dog Lucy has set about the props. As I have no piccies to share I thought that you could see the culprit.
Todays post was going to be about making pom pom animals but I foolishly left them within her sight and reach. Hey ho, we can make another set and share them another day. Note to self take photos immediately as you never know what will happen!!!
While the sun is shining we can all escape and make the most of the Summer holidays. But, you just know that it will be raining again soon and cries of *I'm bored* will echo around the house.
Here I am going to share some of my favourite sites that I often call on to while away a rainy afternoon.
Fototiller - Make fun colouring pages from your favourite photos. You could even make up an album to give to a favourite relative as a pressie.
Enchanted-Learning - Over 20,000 web pages full of craft and project ideas. Whatever your child's interest you will find something here.
Coloring-Nicole - A fabulous blog full of FREE colouring pages to print off.
DLTK - A huge range of printable crafts and hobbies.
I hope that you find some of these useful for your children and I will endeavour to find some new links to share with you soon.
Once again I am very sorry for the *emergency post* but I hope that you found it interesting. Now that you've seen the culprit I'm sure that you'll appreciate that I couldn't stay cross with her for long.
Toodle pip


Paula said...

Great links, thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing the poms poms another day lol!

Karen said...

Ooooops, norty doggy. Very funny though :D

Anonymous said...

Great links - thanks

joy said...

oooh she is too cute to be angry with :0)

thank you for the links - will try some of the projects with the wee man

joanna said...

LOL it was worth it, M, to have a photo of naughty Loudini!! Great links, some fab resources for rainy summer afternoons :)