Saturday, August 11, 2007

Trip Memories

How often do you go on special outings and trips with friends and family members and what do you do with all the photographs that you take? Hopefully you download them to your computer and then make back up copies on CD - how often have we heard of a computer crashing and someone losing all their memories which were stored on the hard drive. It's nice to give your friends and family a copy of the photographs so that they can remember the trip but if you are anything like me the Cd's just get added to an ever growing pile.
Not this one though - I visited the Zoo with my friend and her young daughter and we had a great day out. When I came back home I used some of the photographs to create my scrapbook pages and then made a decorated CD holder to hold the CD of photographs that I made to give to Hanna so that she and her Mum could print some out and look at them on her computer.
I used a free CD that came in the Sunday newspaper as a template for my cover. Run your craft knife down the glued edge and open it out flat and draw around it onto your chosen paper. If you use a double sided paper then you don't have to worry about decorating the inside.
Use chipboard letters and left over pieces of patterned paper to decorate the front and I used small alphabet stamps to make letter tiles to personalise my cover.
Burn your CD and drop into the cover and hey presto! you have a personalised CD cover which certainly won't get lost in the crowd and it only takes minutes to make.
(Papers from Early Learning Centre, chipboard letters by Scenic Route, alphabet stamps by PSX)
I hope this gives you some ideas for keeping those trip memories safe
Andrea xx


Anonymous said...

What a great idea must try that

Paula said...

This is a fabby idea - thats for the inspiration!