Friday, August 10, 2007

T-shirt transfers - a great gift idea!

Hello :) It's Jo here, bringing you a cheap, simple, effective, and relatively quick and easy project which would be ideal as a child's birthday gift, or even, if time allows, as a substitute for a party bag - something to keep, and much better than a ton of sweets!!! There are several different t-shirt transfer packs on the market, but I've used the HP ones, simply because they are compatible with my printer. At first glance they sound a bit pricy, but at roughly £10 for 10 sheets, and with the probability of being able to fit two designs onto one sheet, they can work out at as little as 50p per t-shirt. You can find them here but you should also be able to find them at any good stationer's, e.g. Staples or larger branches of WHSmith. I bought our plain t-shirts and baseball caps from here, and was really pleased with the quality and bargain prices, but again, any plain white t-shirt will suffice. Apart from the t-shirts/hats, computer + printer, and transfer pack, all you need is a very hot iron, a pillowcase (to put beneath the garment whilst ironing), and a hard surface on which to iron (HP recommend that you don't use your ironing board, although I have to confess that I did, and the results are absolutely fine!) If you have an eye for a bargain, you can make up these t-shirts for less than £2 each, and the fact that you can personalise them for gifts is an added bonus! t-shirts-post-1 As far as the design goes, your only limit is your imagination. I had a play around with several ideas, and used different fonts and colours until I was happy with my designs. I started off intending only to do t-shirts for my daughters, but was so pleased with the results that I did one for me, too!! The transfer packs contain all the instructions you need, but when I came to look in my already-opened pack, to my horror, the instructions were missing. No need to panic, though - the excellent HP website has the full instructions here, and it was as straightforward as I'd remembered. So, here are the designs we settled on: slogan-3 fonts used (from top): Lucida Handwriting (130pt) Times New Roman (130pt) slogan-2 fonts used (from top): CK Anecdote (170pt, bold and italics) 2Peas Tattered Lace (150pt), 2Peas Weathervane (100pt) slogan-1 fonts used (from top): 2Peas Tokyo Girl (200pt) 2Peas Starlet (150pt) And here are the finished results! t-shirts-post-2 t-shirts-post-5 And these are the hats, which were a little more difficult to do as it was quite hard to get them flat enough to iron onto, but I persevered, and they worked out fine! t-shirts-post-3 Happy crafting, everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Great idea!! another creative idea from a great team

joy said...

oh i like these! :0)

Taniwha said...

Wow! Fab designs and what great looking T-shirts! Love it :)