Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bags of fun

Hi, it's Maria here with a little project that I worked on with my girlie wirlies.
But, first of all I must say a huge thank you to the lovely Karen for her fab post yesterday. I shall be sending Graham up into the loft to dig out all my tired old picture frames.

The girlie wirlies had plain cotton bags in their Brownies kit and rather fancied zhuching them up a tad. They knew what they wanted but as it involved some sewing they enlisted my help.

They selected some felt from the fabric box and cut the shapes with the Sizzix. Then they raided the button jars and set about planning the design.

I printed their photos onto some canvas that I found at the bottom of the fabric box. I stuck it to a piece of plain paper with repositionable Herma before putting it through the printer.

I whiled away the wait for them at drama class sewing the buttons around their pictures. I then sewed the picture to the bag and attached the heart. A few flowers along the top were attached by sewing a button in the centre.

Now, I'm no fantastic sewer but it only took an hour or so to put one together. And, most of that was spent trying to thread the needle!!!

Now, I just need to help them with their sewing and they can sew those Brownie badges on for themselves.

You can get plain bags from Baker Ross rather cheaply if you fancy giving it a whirl. I quite fancy doing a couple of larger ones to use when I go shopping. Please remember to share any of your creations with us as we always love to see what everyone else does. Ok, we're just nosey really.

Toodle pip


Anonymous said...

Lovely maria - they look so cool!

Karen said...

I think they're absolutely fabulous - brilliant idea Maria. :D

Belfastgirl said...

they are lovely :)

joanna said...

Those are really super, M - I definitely fancy having a go! :)

joy said...

these are fantastic. love them!!!!!!!!!!

Caz said...

Oh wow these are so cool Maria!

Anonymous said...

They are just so cute Maria, wouldn;t they make fab personalised pressies to give. thanks for the inspiration :)