Friday, September 21, 2007

Simple Canvases

This is a canvas you can make in a few hours (including drying time).
Materials - photograph, mica tiles, gold leaf (or other sparkly material), text (stickers, printed text, etc), tiles (or other embellishments), paint, glue
Step 1: Paint the canvas background with gesso and other acrylic paints. Leave to dry.
Step 2: Add your photograph (mounted, or edge with paint or a Krylon pen - example below).
Step 3: Add your background text. I used baby-oriented stickers. You can see that I also painted over them, so some of the words are clear, and others are semi-transparent. Then I added some gold leaf on top.
Step 4: Add your mosaic tiles or other embellishments to the edge of the canvas.
Step 5: Add accents as you wish. (I added a heart at the top, and I edged it with white paint.)
Step 6: Peel mica tiles into corners to make a frame for your photograph. Layer them gently around the photograph.
Enjoy. :0)


Caz said...

SO beautiful, I have a few canvasses kicking about and i really need to take your inspiration and get them done!!

Belfastgirl said...

awww I love this canvas so much Joy...