Monday, September 17, 2007

So you think you CANNOT draw ???

Hi again from Di.
Now you have heard me say before that I am NOT an artist, but, thanks to some great techniques I CAN actually draw and paint when I choose. And how do I choose? I do a brain switch. So if you too think you CANNOT draw here are a few techniques that just may change your mind.
I discovered this book in 1983 (I know because my name and the year are on the inside cover!!!)

It changed my ability to draw dramatically!

If you know anything about the brain you will know that it consists of 2 hemispheres, the right and the left hand sides of the brain. The left side is the ‘logical’ side and the right side is the 'artistic' side. Many of us work using the ‘logical side’. Now I am not going to rewrite the book, just point out a few of the techniques that the book describes.

Technique number 1: Vases and Faces

Whenever I sit down to draw I do this exercise. It makes me physically feel and experience the switch from the left to the right side of the brain. First draw a profile of a face, as simple as possible. Now lift your pencil and create a mirror copy of the profile. This time you should experience the switch to the right side of the brain. You will find yourself drawing lines and angles that hopefully match the original profile. and you will not be drawing eyes and a nose and a mouth. Did you experience the shift?

Now try again this time drawing a really grotesque witch like profile. Same again copy the profile.

Technique number 2: Upside Down drawing
I love this exercise because I manage to copy something that in my wildest dreams I would NEVER have been able to reproduce. OK I was tasked to copy this!!

As you can see the picture in the book is actually upside down so you copy it using the same technique as we used with the vase, we copy the lines and the angles. When the picture is upside down you are less aware of noses and ears and ties and chairs, all you see are lines and angles!!!

And this is how mine turned out!!! OK he is a bit BIGGER in my drawing but there is no disputing the likeness.

Just recently I rediscovered the book and decided to try to paint with oils!!! Cezanne is one of the artists I admire so I decided to copy one of his pieces. I use a book to do the copy.
OK this is still a work in progress, but for someone who CANNOT paint or draw, I am quite pleased with it so far! There are lots of techniques in the book and it is well presented and easy to read. I hope that this helps you discover and extends your hidden and creative talents! Oh and one last thing I have taken up Caz's challenge and have started a new blanket. Am determined to be finished by Christmas!!! Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX


joy said...

Wow, Di, your painting is amazing!

Belfastgirl said...

fantabulous :)

Jolanda said...

Great painting, I'm jealous. I would like to paint myself. Maybe I just have to try it.....

Pam said...

That is a cool idea. Thanks for showing us. You do such a good job.